Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Field Trip!

This month, we took a field trip to JoAnn Fabrics. This was so much fun! We learned how to pick out a pattern, where the patterns are located, how to find the right size, how to figure out how much yardage you need, how to estimate how much your project will cost, and where to find the bargain bins.


Mah Mae, from Burma, wore her new skirt she made in class. We all came home full of inspiration!

This summer we were excited to offer a two-week Teen Fiberworks class to girls participating in our Summer Program.  Fifteen girls signed up to take the class and they all did such an amazing job!  As the Teen Fiberworks teacher, Rachel was excited to share with the girls her love of fiber arts.  They started by making reusable market bags out of old tie-dyed t-shirts.  It turned into a bit of a crash course in machine sewing, but Rachel was proud that every girl made her very own bag.

After the chaos of the first project, they decided to focus on hand embroidery.  Each of the girls made their own embroidery based off of a design Rachel saw on Miniature Rhino.  All the girls looked at pictures of different embroideries and drew their own designs on their piece of fabric.  They learned the running stitch, the daisy stitch, and how to make French knots.  The girls all did a great job, and one of their embroideries decorates the wall next to Rachel's desk.  It’s festive bright colors and writing, ‘BFF’, reminds her of the wonderful two weeks she spent working with our teen girls!

This was our volunteer Colleen's last day. She was such a big help this summer! We miss you already and have a great school year, Ms. Craft!

We desperately need help with childcare! If you would like to volunteer to provide childcare so that our students can come to class, then please call 502.366.7813 or email and let us know!

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