Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weaving Stories

This week, Damber and Rachel made a back strap loom out of some sticks, some string, and some spit. And it worked, beautifully!

Damber is a Bhutanese refugee and an experienced weaver and seamstress. We are so lucky to have her in Fiberworks. Thanks to Sally Moss and The Little Loom House, we recently acquired an antique Stucto Aircraft table loom. We can't wait to see what Damber weaves next!

One of our interns, Katy, teaching 9 year old Jeanette how to knit using a knitting loom.

An online store is coming! Someone, I won't say who, just couldn't wait, and had to have these.
Other tie dye throw pillows are for sale, $15 each. Send us an email if interested.

Friday, April 27, from 7pm - 9pm is the big mural unveiling at The Americana Community Center. There's going to be a huge party and art show. The kids are even putting on a talent show! We're going to be there showing off our crafts, hope we see you! Call 502.366.7813 for more information.


  1. Hey Suzanne - Just started following - I have a serger you all can have if you're interested, let me know -

  2. I sure would be interested in some pillows as well. Can I request a color group or is it dealers choice?

  3. We're happy to accomadate any requests. Just send me an email!